Late/cancellation/no show policy:

We have a 5 hour to 5 minute cancellation/late policy. You will receive a text 8 hours before your appointment reminding you that you are booked to be hairless. If you realize you can no longer make this appointment I do need 5 hours advance notice. We have a 5 minute rule here, that is non negotiable. If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late to your appointment then we will have to reschedule you for a later date and time. This policy is in place to respect all the fuzzy people who wanted your spot and the clients that booked after you. Please be mindful when booking!

How long after shaving can I get waxed?

Rule of thumb here is generally two weeks after shaving the hair will be long enough for the wax to remove. My professional opinion to wait three weeks as the three stages of hair cycles will be ready to grab. You will feel sleeker for longer if you wait just one more week!

What do I need to do before I come in for a wax?

I do advise to prep your skin before your wax. This will yield in better results. Please exfoliate two days before your wax and get in the habit of applying a moisturizer to the body area that you would like to wax. Smooth skin= A smooth wax!

Is waxing painful?

Pain tolerance is something that varies from person to person. If you are nervous about pain, I do recommend using a numbing cream 30 minutes before your appointment. But do keep in mind, waxing is a huge industry. If the pain were unbearable, this wouldn’t be a business!

What should I expect after my first wax?"

With waxing keep in mind we are removing the hair from the follicle which is essentially going to weaken it and that is why your hair will come back thinner or sometimes not at all!. This will result in inflammation of the follicle. It is normal to be red and tender for 12-48 hours after a first wax.

My menstrual cycle just started can I still get waxed?"

You sure can woman! Please come in wearing a tampon. If you do not have one, I will provide one for you! Also note, that you may be a little more sensitive and reactive to waxing during this time. Rest assure I will make sure that your wax is as comfortable as possible regardless

Is there anything I should let you know before my service?

When you come in for your appointment we will go over allergies and medications. Just so you do not waste your time. If you are on Accutane or have taken it in the 6 months I can not wax you, using retinol, retin-A or tretinoin on the body within the last two weeks is a huge no no, taking antibiotics or steroids will also put your skin at risk.

What should I do after my wax?

For a full 48 hours after a wax. You need to AVOID the following. -Sweating -Hot water -Pools & Hot Tubs - Tight clothing such as : bikini panties, thongs, yoga pants, skinny jeans, or any thing that hugs the skin tightly.

Can I bring my child to my appointment?

We do please ask you to leave your children and other family members at home.

Question not answered? Reach out via e-mail: Sleekpeachco@gmail.com